Big Picture Creations
I Need A Quote!


1. How does the process work? 

2. Can you develop something unique for us? 

3. We have a specific idea – can you build it?

4. Our budget is tight – Can you create something for us?

5. We need something portable – What can you do for us?

6. Do you provide large format graphics ? 

7. Can you work with our facilties team or volunteer crew 


1.  How does the process work?


Commisioning custom work can be intimidating. But  it’s pretty simple; big or small, the process for most projects looks petty much like this: 

       1. Conversation

       2.  Proposal

       3.   Design/ contract

       4.   Build

       5.   Ship/ Install

2. Can you develop something unique for us?


Yes, that’s what we do best.  We’ll meet with you in person , conduct a site survey and help develop your unique style and design direction. We’ll work with you to create a stage set or themed environment that communicates your vision and give your message a real impact.



3. We have a specific idea – can you build it for us ?


Absolutely, infact we’ll encourage you to be in the drivers seat as we create your build – the  more developed  your idea, the more cost effective the project.



4. Our budget is tight – what can you do for us?


Theres tons of options to create a stage backdrop or fun environment on a budget – from custom prints to 2d cutouts – We are also available for consulatation and design only if you plan to do the work yourself , biut need some expert direction.




5. We need something portable, what can you do for us?


Rented space , multi fanction facilities, one off events usually call for light weight, durable visuals that set up quick and store easily – we get it. We can develop your theme and use a mixture of large format graphics, trade show equipments and light weight dimensional custom elements to make a real difference in your meeting place.

Check out our page dedicated to portable church solutions.


7. Do you provide large format graphic design?


Yes. We partner with an incredible team of designers and illustrators that create graphics, signage and wall murals.  

8. Can you work with our facilities team or volunteer crew?

We can. In fact we recommend it – if you are a church or school and have people able to lift , paint and  use a screw gun , you can save big on installation .